Tips for Choosing the Perfect Ergonomic Office Chair

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Ergonomic Office Chair

Whether you are planning to buy an office chair for you or for your employees, finding the perfect design can be overwhelming. The increasing number of choices in the market makes it complicated to shortlist the right chair. In this blog, we will be discussing ergonomic chairs, their importance and how you can find the perfect one according to your needs. No matter whether you know about office chairs or not, this piece of words can be really helpful for choosing the right ergonomic chairs.

What exactly is an ergonomic chair?

Big story short, the chairs that are built to support the body are known as Ergonomic Chairs. Ergonomically designed chairs help in preventing postural misalignment using bumps and curves in the seat and back. And with the right posture, you can put a stop to body strains and pains caused  by sitting for prolonged times.

Importance of Ergonomic Chairs

If you spend a long time on an office chair, you must be aware of some serious health implications of prolonged sitting. It can cause stress in the body and can be more dangerous for body structure than we think. However, many of us do not pay much attention to this even if we feel pain or stress in the body. If you feel distressed while sitting in an office chair, it's the right time to get a new office chair.

Things to consider in the office chair

Office chairs can have a plethora of ergonomic  features from which some must have ones are briefly discussed below. 

  • Chair Size
  • Adjustability 
  • Lumbar Support
  • Armrest & Backrest

    Chair Size

    The very first thing to consider when choosing the office chair is its height and depth according to your needs. On average the seat height falls between 45 cm to 55 cm and most chairs are height adjustable. One must choose the chair with ideal height according to their height. 

    On the other hand, the width of office chair seats  does not have any standard. Usually the width of office chairs are between 40 cm  to 50 cm depending on the designs. Before you finalize any chair, consider the seat size according to your body. If you are skinny, average seat size will be fine but if you are a bit bulky, opt for a chair with a larger seat.

    Lumbar Support

    The lumbar support plays a pivotal role in maintaining the body posture in perfect shape as all the body weight is balanced on the lumbar. Sitting on an office chair without lumbar support can result in flattening the curve. Without a curve in the lumbar, serious back pain can be caused. 

    In most office chairs, lumbar supports are fixed or moveable. Choose a chair with adjustable lumbar support so you can adjust it according to your sitting position.

    Armrest and headrest

    Find a chair with adjustable armrests or even removable if possible. The ideal height of the armrest is between 18 to 27 cm according to the user’s arm length.

    Also consider the headrest, choose a chair with adjustable headrest so you can relax during your free time.


    As we do not keep the same posture all the time while sitting, it is better to choose a chair with higher adjustability. In some best chairs, almost all parts of chairs are highly adjustable such as headrest, lumbar support armrest and seat height etc.


    It's clear that looking for the perfect office chair can feel like a big puzzle with many pieces. Nowadays, there are so many chairs to pick from that it might make you feel a little lost.

    But don't worry! Fatio Store delivers high quality ergonomic office chairs with high adjustability at best price.


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